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Film Valencia coordinates a network of offices at the service of national and international audiovisual productions to facilitate the filming in its territory.


Film permits


To film in our territory, Film Valencia and its network of film offices help you with the necessary permissions to make your shoot as problem-free as possible.


How to apply for a film permit


Get your shooting permit by sending an email to the contact that appears on the file for the location you are interested in shooting at.

With the form, you should attach a map indicating the shooting location and parking spaces needed and a copy of your liability insurance. Once this has been completed and submitted by mail, you must also submit it to the corresponding council. Once it has been presented and sent, call the Council. 

General requirements

  • Attach a copy of liability insurance policy.
  • Insert Film Valencia logos in the credits:  Download logos
  • Economic report of the project before and after the shooting (this will be treated as confidential information) Download document
  • Deliver a copy of the completed project to Film Valencia with permission to use any material from it for their own promotion.
  • Submit all documentation to



València city


Shootings with small teams of less than 10 people

- When a public domain surface is NOT limited.
- When the vehicle and pedestrian traffic is NOT interrupted.

DOWLOAD sol·licitud de rodatge que no requereixen autorització municipal.pdf


Shootings with large teams of more than 10 people

You must request permission at least two weeks in advance.


Request to film in public or municipal spaces in Valencia 

Applications for occupation of public streets must be made with a digital certificate through Valencia City Council’s Electronic Office by clicking here

Click on Trámites/Materias/ and choose 'Vía Pública'. Find 'Solicitud de autorización o comunicación de ocupación del dominio público para la realización de rodajes audiovisuales y/o reportajes fotográficos' and initiate the process. 

This service is currently not available in English, so please contact us. We strongly suggest you send a copy or PDF to


DOWNLOAD  Memoria de Actividad de solicitud de rodajes audiovisuales o reportajes fotográficos en vía pública .pdf

DOWNLOAD solicitud de rodaje que no requieren autorización municipal.pdf

DOWNLOAD el permiso de actividad para rodar en Parques Naturales y Albufera de la Generalitat.pdf

DOWNLOAD la solicitud de permiso para el rodaje en la Devesa y en la Albufera del Ayuntamiento de valencia.doc

DOWNLOAD documento prohibido aparcar.pdf



Other Special Permits


Request for filming or photo shoots on beaches

For filming on beaches in Valencia, an original, signed application must be physically submitted to the Valencia Coastal District Registrar, located at Joaquín Ballester Street, 39 - 46009 Valencia, by mail to the same address or through the electronic office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. Send a copy of the application with the registration number to



Request for filming or photo shoot in the Marina of Valencia

To record or carry out a photographic shoot in the surroundings of the Valencia Marina, you must complete this application and submit it electronically by clicking here or in person at the Consorci València 2007 - Moll de la Duana s / n - CP 46024 València - Spain

Registration hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.




Request for filming or photo shoots in the City of Arts and Sciences

To film or carry out a photo shoot in the City of Arts and Sciences, fill out and send this form to




Request for filming or photographic shoot at Train Stations

If you want to film or have a photo shoot at train stations in Valencia, you must send the request to and a copy to


Request for filming or photographic shoots in the Botanical Garden of València

Complete this form to request filming or photo shoots at the Botanical Garden and send it to More information about fees here.


solicitud rodajes o sesiones de fotos jardin botanico.pdf


Request for filming or photo shoot in the Central Market

To record inside the Central Market, you must complete and send this request to




Request for filming or photographic shoots at the IVAM

Send the request to




Application for filming on roads. General Directorate of Traffic (DGT)

The form must be submitted digitally by clicking here.




Request for filming or photographic shoots in the Plaza de Toros de València

To film or carry out a photo shoot inside the Bullring, you must fill out the application "Solicitud de Acceso a la Plaza de Toros" and submit it digitally here.  Click on the Catalogo de Tramites, then Presidencia and Solicitud de Acceso a la Plaza de Toros. 

If your shoot is carried out only on the esplanade closest to the façade, a generic form must also be filled out through the electronic office by clicking here. In addition, you must contact the Valencia City Council.




Filming with the participation of minors


All the information here



Code of Good Practice

Our Code of Good Practice provides guidelines for best practice when filming in our region.

Our Green Guide For Sustainable Film And Tv Production

Using sustainable practices in a film is not only beneficial to our environment but can also help reduce production costs. Download our "Film Valencia Green Production Guide" here.

Planning your film

  • Check what festivals and local events take place at the desired location during the scheduled shooting time to avoid possible conflicts. Reach the corresponding Film Office for more detailed info. 
  • Check climatic conditions in the area on the official AEMET online service
  • The film office in each region will provide you with more detailed information and maps for the different options available to travel to each location. 
  • Check updated traffic information on this official online map of the DGT service.