HBO Max premieres on June 24th, its new original series,...

Se trata de una mimiserie dramática de seis capítulos de media hora creada por Jaime Olías y Pablo Sanhermelando y producida por Boomerang TV.   Sinopsis: Un grupo de adolescentes que se lanza a la carretera sin rumbo fijo, improvisando. Solo hay algunas reglas: no se...


Film Valencia to be at Conecta FICTION, the international...

Film Valencia, junto a Valencia Film Office y Benidorm Film Office, bajo el paraguas de Valencia Region Film, estará presente en Conecta FICTION que se celebra en Toledo desde el 21 al 24 de junio, para continuar la promoción de Valencia y la Comunitat Valenciana como escenario de...


Cinema and television invest in Valencia: major productions...

The image of Valencia is firmly established on screens all over the world thanks to the transformation of its streets into large audiovisual sets.


'La Ruta' series is already filming in Valencia


Sagunto is committed to become a city of cinema to attract...


Everything you need to know about the Goya Awards 2022 in...


Every time Valencia (and its surroundings) became a movie...

To celebrate the 36th Goya Awards, which will be held in Valencia on Saturday 12 February, we take a look at some of the films where Valencia (and its surrounding areas) shines on its own.


The Region of Valencia becomes the stage for a host of...

The facilities and benefits of filming in the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante are attracting more and more productions.


Gandia, a film destination for the United States and the...


From Requena to Bollywood: the town turns into a film...


Sagunto, a Bollywood movie set

The historic centre and the Jewish quarter, locations for a film.


Bollywood returns to Valencia with the filming of 'Sarkaru...


Valencia, provincia de rodajes: EEUU y Reino Unido están...

Siete localizadores de Estados Unidos y Reino Unido visitan la provincia para proyectar futuros rodajes.


First pictures of the Amazon series filming in Valencia

Alameda, the City of Arts and Sciences and Ciutat Vella are some of the areas of the city that will be seen in the production.


Llenos de Gracia', Roberto Bueso's second feature film ...


Paraíso's second season filming wraps up (Movistar+)

Production of the series by The Mediapro Studio has been underway in the Region of Valencia since May.


Riba-roja to host the shooting of two series with...

Wanda-Halcyon Television has chosen Valencia to shoot part of two new productions.


Amazon's series 'Citadel' holds a big casting call in...


València will have specific regulations for film shoots


A film set tour of TV series locations through the...

La Vila Joiosa, El Perelló or Peñíscola, among the locations chosen by directors to shoot their productions.


NEWSShooting ()

24 Jun, 2022
HBO Max premieres on June 24th, its new original series, Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda, partly filmed in Cullera

Se trata de una mimiserie dramática de seis capítulos de media hora creada por Jaime...

15 Jun, 2022
The Valencian locations of the series 'Paradise'

14 Jun, 2022
The filming of Amazon series "Citadel" left an economic impact of 12 million euros in Valencia

According to the Valencia Film Office, filming has increased by 13% compared to last year.

29 Apr, 2022
Disney+ and Grupo Ganga finish shooting 'La Última'

The series has been filmed for three months in Madrid and Valencia.

15 Mar, 2022
Valencia will be covered in mud for a film about the 1957 Flood in Valencia

Inés París directs 'Olvido', a thriller set in the flood of 1957. Filming begins on...

14 Mar, 2022
Filming of 'Dystopia' in Fallas, a story of women on the margins

Film directed by Samuel Sebastian.

11 Mar, 2022
Cinema and television invest in Valencia: major productions film in the city

The image of Valencia is firmly established on screens all over the world thanks to the...

10 Mar, 2022
Valencian actor Enrique Arce takes the leap to Hollywood

The actor from 'La casa de papel' plays a character in a sequel to the film 'Murder Mistery'.

10 Mar, 2022
New photos from the filming of La Ruta del Bakalao series

09 Mar, 2022
Valencian beaches and villages where the filming of 'Alba' took place

The new series is inspired by a Turkish soap opera.

07 Mar, 2022
The University of Valencia will carry out research into our filming city ordinance

"The Film Office managed by Visit València has already had a significant increase in the...

02 Mar, 2022
María Ripoll's 'Nosotros no nos mataremos con pistolas' (We won't kill each other with guns) sets premiere date

Filmed in Quartell and Almenara.

17 Feb, 2022
'La Ruta' series is already filming in Valencia

17 Feb, 2022
Spain's national television network Atresmedia to film another series in Sagunt

17 Feb, 2022
Marta Nieto to film her first feature as a director in Valencia

A project produced by the Valencian María Zamora, who has just won the Golden Bear for...

15 Feb, 2022
Filming of 'La Ruta del Bakalao' expands in Valencia

09 Feb, 2022
Every time Valencia (and its surroundings) became a movie set

To celebrate the 36th Goya Awards, which will be held in Valencia on Saturday 12 February, we take...

08 Feb, 2022
Where were the films nominated for a Goya in 2022 shot?

The Region of Valencia hosted several productions competing in the Goya 2022.

04 Feb, 2022
València as a film location: in four years, the city has doubled the number of films filmed in its streets to 243 last year

28 Jan, 2022
Karra Elejalde is filming in València and Torrent

Alejandro Suárez directs his first feature film, "Kepler Sexto B".

12 Jan, 2022
The series 'La Ruta' holds a casting in Riba-roja

05 Jan, 2022
A short film shot in the port of Valencia, nominated for the Goya Awards

03 Jan, 2022
The Region of Valencia becomes the stage for a host of upcoming productions in 2022

The facilities and benefits of filming in the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante...

20 Dec, 2021
The faces of 'La Ruta', a series about the 90's dance music club scene in Valencia

A Valencian, Borja Soler, to direct.

20 Dec, 2021
Borja Soler: "There is a very positive audiovisual boom in television fiction"

The Valencian director, nominated for a Goya for the short film 'Mindanao', is immersed in the...

13 Dec, 2021
Local production company Bestreta needs many extras for the "La Ruta"

Extras are needed to recreate the environment and situations of the time.

11 Dec, 2021
Fernando Verniere shoots his next action short film, "Un trabajo sencillo"

09 Dec, 2021
1,500 extras apply to work on the series 'La Ruta’ within a week

09 Dec, 2021
Casting calls begin for actors and dancers for the series about the Bakalao Route

26 Oct, 2021
From Requena to Bollywood: the town turns into a film location

25 Oct, 2021
Sagunto, a Bollywood movie set

The historic centre and the Jewish quarter, locations for a film.

25 Oct, 2021
Bollywood returns to Valencia with the filming of 'Sarkaru Vaari Paata'

25 Oct, 2021
Valencia, provincia de rodajes: EEUU y Reino Unido están interesados en rodar películas aquí

Siete localizadores de Estados Unidos y Reino Unido visitan la provincia para proyectar...

04 Oct, 2021
First pictures of the Amazon series filming in Valencia

Alameda, the City of Arts and Sciences and Ciutat Vella are some of the areas of the city that...

21 Sep, 2021
María Ripoll films her film about friendship and reconciliation in Quartell (Valencia)

02 Sep, 2021
Llenos de Gracia', Roberto Bueso's second feature film produced by Fernando Bovaira, is now shooting in Valencia.

24 Aug, 2021
Paraíso's second season filming wraps up (Movistar+)

Production of the series by The Mediapro Studio has been underway in the Region of Valencia since...

10 Aug, 2021
The Valencian Community strengthens its position as a film set

'Money Heist', 'Hollyblood' or 'Toscana' have chosen filming locations in Valencia and Alicante.

09 Aug, 2021
The Region of Valencia will be the location for a large number of film and series shoots

Valencia, Castellón, and Alicante are some of the main locations chosen.

09 Aug, 2021
Riba-roja to host the shooting of two series with ‘million-dollar' budgets

Wanda-Halcyon Television has chosen Valencia to shoot part of two new productions.

27 Jul, 2021
Amazon's series 'Citadel' holds a big casting call in Valencia

21 Jul, 2021
Swinging couples on the big screen in Las Arenas

Vicente Villanueva shoots 'El juego de las llaves' in Valencia.

13 Jul, 2021
Film extras for 50 euros a day to shoot a film in Aigües Vives monastery

Carcaixent becomes the setting for a feature film for the second time this year.

08 Jul, 2021
Gandia, location for the filming of the 2021 Christmas Lottery advertisement

The beach and the marsh are two of the locations for this spot.

30 Jun, 2021
Production begins on 'Berlanga', the comedy that will tell his life story

The documentary has already started shooting in Madrid and will move to New York, Nebraska,...

30 Jun, 2021
Vicente Villanueva films the comedy 'El juego de las llaves', produced by Nadie es Perfecto and Atresmedia Cine.

Filming has just started in Valencia and will last for 7 weeks in different locations in the city...

28 Jun, 2021
The 'Citadel' series will be an enormous boom for the audiovisual sector

It will be directed by the Russo brothers, directors of films such as "Captain America" and "The...

25 Jun, 2021
Valencia overcomes the Covid hiatus and hosts film shootings in summer

Filmmakers Vicente Villanueva and Roberto Bueso will shoot their next films in a few months in...

07 Jun, 2021
Paraíso' will have its 2nd season on Movistar+ with filming already underway

05 Jun, 2021
El Perelló is Almanzora: 'Paraíso' will have a second season

The village hosts the filming of the new season for the Movistar+ series premiered yesterday.

04 Jun, 2021
Does the Paraíso disco that appears in the Movistar+ series actually exist?

01 Jun, 2021
Filming begins on 'Afusellats', a documentary that recovers the stories of the Paterna Execution Wall

The Valencian production company Vídeo Al Cuadrado will shoot most of the scenes in Paterna.

28 May, 2021
The latest season of 'Money Heist' films in the Comunitat Valenciana

27 May, 2021
Avengers' saga directors plan to film a series in Valencia

'Citadel' will star Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

24 Apr, 2021
Retro València conquers fiction

Valencian locations are trendy.

21 Apr, 2021
Tuscany moves to Valencia

Filming in Valencia city, Segorbe and Paterna.

21 Apr, 2021
Paradise' trailer and premiere date: the 'Stranger Things' of Movistar+

'Paraíso' was filmed in several locations in the Valencian Community.

21 Apr, 2021
Hollyblood: a romantic comedy of vampires filmed in Carcaixent

Almacén de Ribera and the bar El Musical hosted the filming.

09 Mar, 2021
Valérie Delpierre: “Contacting with the local population while shooting is endearing

The producer who won the Goya for best film will shoot her new project in Valencia.

05 Mar, 2021
València becomes a film set (and dances to the rhythm of Bollywood)

01 Mar, 2021
Avelina Prat, film director: "It takes courage to get behind the camera at these times".

18 Feb, 2021
Avelina Prat films 'Vasil' in València

Her debut feature film.

27 Jan, 2021
The Valencian Community Region, set for the cinema to come in 2021

Because of the diversity of locations it offers.

05 Oct, 2020
Filming resumes in Valencia, with shoots from Tuéjar to the Ducal Palace in Gandía

02 Oct, 2020
The Palau Ducal, location for the new series Glow & Darkness

01 Oct, 2020
El que sabem, the feature film that tours the Valencian territory in times of COVID

The Valencian director and scriptwriter Jordi Núñez and the production company...

01 Oct, 2020
The filming of 'Persona (no) humana' a documentary by Álex Cuellar and Rafa G. Sánchez, produced by Dacsa, wraps after almost 2 years.

01 Oct, 2020
A film starring Paz Vega is casting actors and extras in Sagunt

They will be filming "El Lodo" as of October 19th.

01 Oct, 2020
The Comunitat Valenciana promotes itself as a film set in the new normality

30 Sep, 2020
This fall is loaded with film premieres shot in the Comunitat Valenciana

24 Sep, 2020
Alba Just shoots her new short film 'Antonia' in Valencia

11 Sep, 2020
Valencia, the region is becoming a huge movie set

Valencia's locations attract thousands of tourists every year.

04 Sep, 2020
Sueca will host part of the filming of a biopic on the life of Federica Montseny

03 Sep, 2020
Alberto Evangelio films his debut feature 'Visitante' in Puçol

23 Jun, 2020
Filming with a face mask: this is what it's like to shoot safely

Cameras are back on in Valencia.

13 May, 2020
‘Cancelled', the story of a shoot in confinement

09 May, 2020
Safe-shooting guide for audiovisual productions in COVID-19 era

30 Apr, 2020
Cinematographer John Grillo on shooting Westworld in Valencia (English)

13 Apr, 2020
​Pepsi premieres spot shot two months ago in Paterna with Kang In Lee

09 Apr, 2020
The City of Arts and Sciences, new location for the latest 'Cosmos' season

24 Mar, 2020
‘Atramentun’ a debut web series recorded in Valencia, Puçol and Sagunt

07 Mar, 2020
‘Westworld' capitalises on Valencia

28 Feb, 2020
After three months of intense filming in Valencia Strings' terrifying fight hits theaters

21 Feb, 2020
HBO reveals Westword’s first scenes shot at the City of Arts and Sciences

The series was filmed last May at the City of Arts and Sciences.

21 Feb, 2020
Santa Pola, another filming location in the "Paradise" series after visiting the region of Valencia

14 Feb, 2020
Sant Antoni Cape in Xàbia, closed for the shooting of the new Movistar series Paraiso

27 Jan, 2020
Gonzalez Molina films the tv series "Paraíso" in Perelló, Sueca and Albufera

Picture of the director's Instagram account @fergmolina

26 Jan, 2020
Globomedia shoots part of the Movistar+ series "Paraiso" in the historical center of Requena

The Villa caves and underground passages were also used as a film location.

18 Jan, 2020
Movistar+ bets again on Valencia with the shooting of 'Paraíso’

Towns in Valencia and Alicante become the new Hawkings.

17 Jan, 2020
Albufera’s landscape and light return with the premiere of the second part of "The Pier"

13 Jan, 2020
Requena hosts filming of the Movistar+ series "Paraíso"

07 Jan, 2020
Isabel Coixet opens the filming season in the Valencia Community

18 Dec, 2019
The silence of the swamp': Valencia is a thriller

The film portrays postcards from the Albufera to the port.

28 Nov, 2019
Calparsoro's new film 'Hasta el cielo' wraps and will be premiered on August 28th

Produced by Vaca Films and filmed on locations in Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia.

28 Nov, 2019
Carlos Marques-Marcet shoots political drama 'La mort de Guillem' in Valencia

Produced by Lastor Media, SUICAfilms and Somos Batabat Producciones.

27 Nov, 2019
Miguel Ángel Font Bisier shoots his first feature film, 'Swing: la vida de un secreto'

In Valencia, Alboraya and Rocafort.

22 Nov, 2019
Elena López Riera will shoot a film about the rainfalls in her hometown Orihuela

30 Sep, 2019
A car ad shoots on the Assut del Or bridge in Valencia

The City of Arts establishes itself as a location for film and advertising shoots.

26 Sep, 2019
Icíar Bollaín shoots her film 'La boda de Rosa' in Benicàssim

23 Sep, 2019
Javier Fesser shoots his next film 'Historias Lamentables' in Gandia

19 Sep, 2019
Sky chooses the City of Arts and Sciences for the shooting of 'Intergalactic'

Fiming will begin at the end of the year.

18 Sep, 2019
Perdida wraps up filming in Valencia

18 Sep, 2019
Calparsoro's thriller 'Hacia el cielo' will be filmed in Valencia

13 Sep, 2019
Confetti starts shooting in the centre of Valencia

02 Sep, 2019
Icíar Bollaín shoots 'La boda de Rosa', her tenth feature film, in the Valencian Community

In València, Benicàssim, Alcàsser, Picassent, Catarroja, Silla and Paterna.

29 Aug, 2019
Short film 'Atrapada' turns Telecommunications faculty into a set

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has become the setting for the shooting...

28 Aug, 2019
The Tomatina in cinema: films shot during the festival

24 Aug, 2019
The Flower bridge in Valencia is a filming location for ‘La Boda de Rosa’ by Iciar Bollaín

Bollaín will film at different locations in the region like Picassent or Benicassim.

19 Aug, 2019
Casting in Valencia for a television series

Casting will take place on the first week of September.

25 Jul, 2019
Siete Aguas hosts the filming of the documentary series 'València is music'

Footage on the socio-cultural impact of music and the artistic and natural heritage of the region...

21 Jul, 2019
Westworld's futuristic location in Valencia

The City of Arts and Sciences featured in 3rd Season trailer

18 Jul, 2019
Álvaro Orfila starts filming 'Herejes'

A production by Tarannà Films.

11 Jul, 2019
'Terres de cinema', the Valencian Community and its filming locations.

New documentary series by À Punt.

07 Jul, 2019
Fishbone', 'Letters to Paul Morrissey', 'Por H o por B' on HBO, take-off year for Saida Benzal

03 Jul, 2019
Claudia Pinto 'The Consequences' wraps shooting on 27 June

Located in Valencia and the islands of La Palma and La Gomera.

02 Jul, 2019
First images of Atresmedia TV series 'Perdida' filmed in Valencia

L'Albufera, the City of Arts and Sciences and the port of Valencia are some of its locations.

01 Jul, 2019
Vivir dos veces' by María Ripoll will premiere in September

The comedy starring Inma Cuesta will be in theatres on September 6.

27 Jun, 2019
Valencia, a sought-after location for major productions

Behind-the-scenes images and interview with Pilar Moncho, deputy of Tourism.

22 Jun, 2019
Indie comedy about ghosts filmed in Valencia

El Síndrome Inverso de Ebenezer Scrooge by Valencian filmmaker Sergio Sanus.

20 May, 2019
Westworld, the City of Arts welcomes its filming

On May 20th and 21st they will film in 20 different locations.

28 Apr, 2019
An ad for a French car brand shot in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in València

26 Apr, 2019
New shoot in Cullera: the web series 'Sí, quedo' is shooting several sequences in the city and its beaches

Starring three well-known actors.

14 Apr, 2019
Scenes from Game of Thrones filmed in Spain

Girona, Seville, Peñíscola and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe are some of the shooting...

11 Apr, 2019
Perdida is filming in Valencia

The new series by Atresmedia will be shot in over 120 locations, both in Colombia and Spain.

04 Apr, 2019
Atresmedia will film the series 'Perdida' in Valencia and Bogota for three months

A thriller with Ana María Orozco, star of 'Ugly Betty' , Melanie Olivares and Daniel Grao.

01 Apr, 2019
Paterna launches a film tour through the caves seen in Almodovar’s ‘Dolor y Gloria’

26 Mar, 2019
Almodóvar and Cruz highlight the magic of the Paterna caves

Film preview at the Paterna Film Festival.

26 Mar, 2019
Image gallery of 'Dolor y Gloria' shoot in Paterna

25 Mar, 2019
‘La Ofrenda' will film in Valencia during two weeks at the end of May

Second feature film by Ventura Durall.

20 Mar, 2019
A Valencian motorhome company films a short film at Cala Granadella in Xabia

20 Mar, 2019
'La banda', a Valencian-language debut directed by Roberto Bueso

Shot in Valencia, Albufera, Saler, Alzira, Carcaixent and Algemesí.

12 Mar, 2019
Interview with Verónica Echegui, star of 'La Ofrenda' filming in Barcelona and Valencia

06 Mar, 2019
Alex Brendemühl and Verónica Echegui start filming 'La ofrenda' in Barcelona and València

Film directed by Ventura Durall and co-produced by Nanouk and Suica Films with funding from the...

05 Mar, 2019
Achero Mañas wraps up filming of 'Un mundo normal' by Tornasol Films starring Ernesto Alterio

Shot in different locations in Madrid and Valencia.

04 Mar, 2019
Álex Montoya's feature film debut, 'Assembly'

Produced by Valencian companies Kaishaku and Nakamura Films.

26 Feb, 2019
Two Valencians work on the film adaptation of the zombie saga 'The Wanderers'

Screenwriters Tirso Calero and Pau Vergara will adapt the successful books.  "The Wanderers...

24 Feb, 2019
Filming of 'Las consecuencias' with Juana Acosta starts this June in the Canary Islands, Valencia and Benidorm

This would be Claudia Pinto's second feature film.

20 Feb, 2019
The Bollywood factory comes to València

They will film in the city of Valencia, Xàbia and Vila Joiosa.

08 Feb, 2019
Director 'Bebe' Pérez films 'Mambo', a musical made up of a cast of Valencian actors in the city of Valencia

05 Feb, 2019
All about the house seen in 'The Pier' located in the middle of rice fields in Albufera

Interview with Abdón Alcañiz, Art Director on the Movistar + series.

01 Feb, 2019
Rural Valencia vs. Modern Valencia: the style of 'The Pier'

Exploring the sets of the new series 'The Pier', from 'Money Heist' creators. Paintings by...

31 Jan, 2019
‘Dolor y gloria' trailer, a film by Almodóvar shot in Paterna, Valencia

29 Jan, 2019
Cast and crew of “El Reino” by Oscar nominated director Sorogoyen hail Valencia as ideal for locations and urge its audiovisual industry to grow strong in Spain

15 Jan, 2019
Creators of TV series 'Money Heist' & 'The Pier' state that the possibilities of l'Albufera are brutal

"Local places are trending".

14 Jan, 2019
Valencian cinema coming in 2019

Producers talk about their experience shooting in Valencia.    

14 Jan, 2019
Indispensable and despised: Extras are much more than 'standing in the background’ in a movie

Filming boom in València.

03 Jan, 2019
New challenges for Valencian cinema in 2019

Four filmmakers, two women and two men, comment on the key issues for local cinema in 2019.

20 Dec, 2018
Why Terminator, Almodóvar or Game of Thrones choose the Valencian Community

The most cinematographic locations in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

19 Dec, 2018
'The guardian in the mirror' wraps up filming and prepares to go to festivals

Valencian short film.

28 Nov, 2018
Icíar Bollaín returns to the Comunitat Valenciana to shoot a film produced by Turanga Films and the Valencian Lila Badenes

It will be filmed in Benicàssim with the support of the Institut Valencià de Cultura.

20 Nov, 2018
​Alex Montoya starts filming "Lucas"​ the adaptation of his most successful shortfilm

It will be shot in different locations ​in Valencia and La Albufera.

13 Nov, 2018
'Parany', a series set during the republican period in Valencia

Produced by Rodolf Sirera and directed by Juan Luis Iborra.    

12 Nov, 2018
The filming of a German car commercial returns to Xàbia for the cape of Sant Antoni as its backdrop

12 Nov, 2018
Spain Film Commission and Profilm sign agreement to favor international shoots

11 Nov, 2018
Valencia, a coveted film set for producers

30% of a film's budget is spent on locations.    

07 Nov, 2018
The filming of 'El silencio en el pantano' takes all Valencia

03 Nov, 2018
Marjal filming: why l'Albufera is the new favourite spot in Spanish audiovisual shoots

02 Nov, 2018
'Almost Ghosts': pieces of Route 66 recovered for nostalgia

First work by the Valencian director Ana Ramón Rubio.

02 Nov, 2018
Puig attends the filming of 'El silencio del pantano' in a house on Calle Millars in Cabanyal

01 Nov, 2018
The filming of a car commercial in Valencia moves to Burjassot

A German brand films all day in the streets of the town.

27 Oct, 2018
The Alameda in Valencia becomes a commercial set

The City of Arts is the area where most tv commercials have been filmed.

26 Oct, 2018
A German car brand films a 'spot' on various streets in the city

23 Oct, 2018
Image gallery with scenes from the set of 'Vivir dos veces'

23 Oct, 2018
Inma Cuesta films María Ripoll’s latest road movie in Valencia

On the set of 'Vivir dos veces'.

20 Oct, 2018
Valencian art director, Abdón Alcañiz, dresses the set for “Money Heist”

18 Oct, 2018
Visiting 'Fishbone' locations

"The island made it rain the day we needed rain"

18 Oct, 2018
Valencia is a permanent candidate to be a film set, says Jaume Bayarri

13 Oct, 2018
Parts of Valencia seen in 'The Kingdom' (“El Reino”)

The Marina, the port or the Saler beach as well as its urban center.

08 Oct, 2018
The director of 'El Ministerio del Tiempo' starts shooting his first film in El Cabanyal, Campus dels Tarongers and Albufera

The Valencian company, Bestreta, is in charge of casting for extras. 

08 Oct, 2018
'El desentierro' the thriller directed by Nacho Ruipérez: Is the Valencian production that you will hear a lot about

This production by Ximo Pérez is filmed in Albufera and premieres on November 16th.

05 Oct, 2018
Abdón Alcañiz, the Valencian Art Director behind some Spanish series

After ‘Money Heist’ comes 'The Pier’    

05 Oct, 2018
The Ensanche in Valencia will be the set for filming of 'Vivir dos veces'

Directed by María Ripoll with Inma Cuesta in the lead.

05 Oct, 2018
Cullera hosts filming of the new Movistar + series titled ‘The Pier'

The series will premiere on October 16 at MIPCOM Cannes.

28 Sep, 2018
'Miracle Tunes', the largest television production shot in Valencia, wraps up filming

19 Sep, 2018
À Punt premieres 'La Vall', its first fiction series

18 Sep, 2018
Inside the filming of 'La Inocencia', a film about the stigmas that permeate women's bodies

16 Sep, 2018
Pedro Almodóvar wraps up his new film,

13 Sep, 2018
'Rock Bottom', the animated film about the pioneer of psychedelic music Robert Wyatt to be produced in Valencia

10 Sep, 2018
María Ripoll will cast over 600 extras in Valencia for her next film

04 Sep, 2018
Juanjo Moscardó and Suso Imbernón wrap up filming of 'Amor en polvo'

Produced by Kiko Martínez (NEP) and Juanjo Moscardó (Cosabona Films)

22 Aug, 2018
Manises, filming set for Miracle Tunes

Some scenes were filmed at the Ausiàs March High School

20 Aug, 2018
Lucía Alemany shoots her debut film 'La inocencia' in Traiguera

with a cast made up of  Laia Marull, Sergi López, Carmen Arrufat and Joel Bosqued

03 Aug, 2018
The latest Japanese fiction is filmed in Valencia

Recorded mainly in the Feria de Valencia but also surrounding areas of Sagunto, Burjassot, Manises,...

24 Jul, 2018
Netflix establishes its first European production headquarters in Madrid

The company will occupy three soundproof sets of 1,200 m2 each in the Ciudad de la Tele de Tres...

24 Jul, 2018
Ernesto Alterio films 'A normal world' in Valencia

Filmmaker Achero Mañas is shooting exteriors in Llíria and Alcàsser....

22 Jul, 2018
Dénia Paradiso: a movie that changed history

Modernisation in Dénia began in the spring of 1958 at the hands of Samuel Bronston...

18 Jul, 2018
'Amor en polvo' starts filming in Valencia, directed by Juanjo Moscardó Rius and Suso Imbernón

Produced by Nadie es Perfecto and Cosabona Films.

18 Jul, 2018
Director Achero Mañas chooses Alpuente for the set of his new movie

Local extras will be included in his new film 'A normal world'

17 Jul, 2018
Penélope Cruz revolutionizes Paterna

The actress, who is in Valencia since Sunday, is starring in the latest film by Pedro Almodovar....

16 Jul, 2018
Torrent, filming set for the movie Un mundo normal

The Auditori became a film set during the 4th and 5th of July.

13 Jul, 2018
The award-winning playwright Víctor Sánchez starts his career as a film director

The filming of his first short film takes place these days in the towns of Puerto de Sagunto and...

10 Jul, 2018
The Paterna caves where Almodóvar will film 'Dolor y Gloria'

The director will set the Batan caves in the 60s to tell a story with Penelope Cruz and Antonio...

03 Jul, 2018
Pablo Chiapella films a movie at Mercat Cabanyal

The crew filmed some scenes this morning with a market vendor.

26 Jun, 2018
Film shoots flood Valencia

José Luis Berlanga, Achero Mañas, Juanjo Moscardó, Suso Imbernón and...

05 May, 2018
Pedro Almodóvar visits Paterna in search of locations for his new movie

The filmmaker, who will shoot 'Dolor y Gloria' with Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz next...

08 Feb, 2018
Roberto Bueso starts shooting his first film, 'Tornar a casa' in the city of Valencia, as well as in Albufera, El Saler, Alzira, Carcaixent and Algemesí

06 Feb, 2018
The film «Tornar a casa» starts filming in Carcaixent

More than 1,100 people have been interested to participate as extras. This morning began the...