Paraíso's second season filming wraps up (Movistar+)

Production of the series by The Mediapro Studio has been underway in the Region of Valencia since May.


Riba-roja to host the shooting of two series with...

Wanda-Halcyon Television has chosen Valencia to shoot part of two new productions.


Amazon's series 'Citadel' holds a big casting call in...


València will have specific regulations for film shoots


A film set tour of TV series locations through the...

La Vila Joiosa, El Perelló or Peñíscola, among the locations chosen by directors to shoot their productions.


Gandia, location for the filming of the 2021 Christmas...

The beach and the marsh are two of the locations for this spot.


Valencia overcomes the Covid hiatus and hosts film...

Filmmakers Vicente Villanueva and Roberto Bueso will shoot their next films in a few months in which a series for Amazon Prime will start shooting in Valencia city.


Paraíso premieres on June 4th with three episodes

The new series has just presented its official trailer and new poster   “Paraíso” is the new Movistar+ original series produced in collaboration with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO directed by Fernando González Molina (“Palmeras en la nieve”). It’s the...


Luis' Valencia

Welcome Mister Berlanga. A suggested tour to discover more about the character through his city.


The latest season of 'Money Heist' films in the Comunitat...


Avengers' saga directors plan to film a series in Valencia

'Citadel' will star Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.


Retro València conquers fiction

Valencian locations are trendy.


Tuscany moves to Valencia

Filming in Valencia city, Segorbe and Paterna.


Hollyblood: a romantic comedy of vampires filmed in...

Almacén de Ribera and the bar El Musical hosted the filming.


The Palau Ducal, location for the new series Glow & Darkness


Valencia, the region is becoming a huge movie set

Valencia's locations attract thousands of tourists every year.


Filming with a face mask: this is what it's like to shoot...

Cameras are back on in Valencia.


‘Westworld' capitalises on Valencia


Gonzalez Molina films the tv series "Paraíso" in...

Picture of the director's Instagram account @fergmolina


Albufera’s landscape and light return with the premiere...


Requena hosts filming of the Movistar+ series...


Film tourism in Valencia: Over 500 people visit caves in...


When Spider-Man almost arrived in Valencia

The artist Henrik Tamm from Marvel suggested that the final battle in 'Far from Home' took place in the City of Arts and Sciences.


Sky chooses the City of Arts and Sciences for the shooting...

Fiming will begin at the end of the year.


Perdida wraps up filming in Valencia


Icíar Bollaín shoots 'La boda de Rosa', her tenth feature...

In València, Benicàssim, Alcàsser, Picassent, Catarroja, Silla and Paterna.


'Brian de Palma, Scorsese or Spielberg would love to film...

Dow Griffith / Location scouter


Westworld, the City of Arts welcomes its filming

On May 20th and 21st they will film in 20 different locations.


Meeting between producers and film offices of the Community

Organized by València Turisme and Film València.


Paterna launches a film tour through the caves seen in...


​Utiel, Manises, Ademuz, Sueca and Hoya de Buñol-Chiva...

II Conference "Xarxa Film Valencia" organized by the Patronat de Turisme de València​.


The Bollywood factory comes to València

They will film in the city of Valencia, Xàbia and Vila Joiosa.


All about the house seen in 'The Pier' located in the...

Interview with Abdón Alcañiz, Art Director on the Movistar + series.


The clapperboard falls in love with València

Around 15 films and series have been filmed in the Comunitat Valenciana in 2018.


Why Terminator, Almodóvar or Game of Thrones choose the...

The most cinematographic locations in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.


Valencia, a coveted film set for producers

30% of a film's budget is spent on locations.    


Marjal filming: why l'Albufera is the new favourite spot in...


Cullera hosts filming of the new Movistar + series titled...

The series will premiere on October 16 at MIPCOM Cannes.


Hollywood once again looks at Sagunt, Gandia and Xàtiva as...

Location managers of large US productions praise possible Valencian filming locations.


NEWSInterviews (42)

28 Jun, 2021
The 'Citadel' series will be an enormous boom for the audiovisual sector

It will be directed by the Russo brothers, directors of films such as "Captain America" and "The...

09 Mar, 2021
Valérie Delpierre: “Contacting with the local population while shooting is endearing

The producer who won the Goya for best film will shoot her new project in Valencia.

05 Mar, 2021
València becomes a film set (and dances to the rhythm of Bollywood)

01 Mar, 2021
Avelina Prat, film director: "It takes courage to get behind the camera at these times".

24 Feb, 2021
Lina Badenes:

04 Sep, 2020
Sueca will host part of the filming of a biopic on the life of Federica Montseny

30 Apr, 2020
Cinematographer John Grillo on shooting Westworld in Valencia (English)

10 Feb, 2020
From Star Wars to The Simpsons: translators raise their voices in Valencia

26 Jan, 2020
Abdón Alcañiz, Valencian art director of ‘Money heist', in 24 quotes

24 Jan, 2020
Goya's hairstyles 'made in' Port de Sagunt

Valencian Amparo Sanchez won the Goya for Best Makeup and Hair Styling for ‘The Man Who...

28 Oct, 2019
Lucía Alemany, filmmaker:

05 Sep, 2019
María Ripoll: «Valencia has succeeded in establishing itself as a film location.

"It is a very cinematographic city, with undiscovered locations and a fantastic light. What I liked...

29 Aug, 2019
Short film 'Atrapada' turns Telecommunications faculty into a set

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has become the setting for the shooting...

10 Jul, 2019
'Brian de Palma, Scorsese or Spielberg would love to film in Valencia'

Dow Griffith / Location scouter

07 Jul, 2019
Fishbone', 'Letters to Paul Morrissey', 'Por H o por B' on HBO, take-off year for Saida Benzal

28 Jun, 2019
From Orihuela to the world, Elena López Riera's anarchic and lucid view

Preparing her leap into feature films.

27 Jun, 2019
Valencia, a sought-after location for major productions

Behind-the-scenes images and interview with Pilar Moncho, deputy of Tourism.

17 May, 2019
Audiovisual professionals demand the Comunitat Valenciana Film Commission

Meeting between professionals and public institutions.

17 May, 2019
Meeting between producers and film offices of the Community

Organized by València Turisme and Film València.

29 Apr, 2019
Valencian cinema will soon reach beyond the Community, says Valencian producer Lina Badenes

Turanga Films is behind the latest films by Icíar Bollaín and Lucía Alemany.

26 Mar, 2019
Almodóvar and Cruz highlight the magic of the Paterna caves

Film preview at the Paterna Film Festival.

04 Mar, 2019
​Utiel, Manises, Ademuz, Sueca and Hoya de Buñol-Chiva affirm their film-friendly profile with València Turisme

II Conference "Xarxa Film Valencia" organized by the Patronat de Turisme de València​.

03 Mar, 2019
These are the Acadèmia Valenciana del Audiovisual's aspirations

Interview with the first official board.

26 Feb, 2019
Two Valencians work on the film adaptation of the zombie saga 'The Wanderers'

Screenwriters Tirso Calero and Pau Vergara will adapt the successful books.  "The Wanderers...

05 Feb, 2019
All about the house seen in 'The Pier' located in the middle of rice fields in Albufera

Interview with Abdón Alcañiz, Art Director on the Movistar + series.

28 Jan, 2019
Álex Cervantes from Valencian animation company Hampa Studio returns to the Goya Awards with

In 2018, he worked on Black is Beltza and Luis Buñuel in the Turtle Labyrinth, Special Jury...

07 Jan, 2019
María Zamora: «As a woman producer, it's harder to raise your voice and be heard in the sector»

Honored at the Woman & Film Biennial, she says that «it is a perfect moment for the...

03 Dec, 2018
Film Offices, in between the professional world and the Administration

Debate during Valencia Plaza's breakfast meeting.

28 Nov, 2018
The documentary 'The barman to the stars' directed by Eva Vizcarra tells the story of the legendary Bar Chicote

Produced by Endora Producciones. It premieres at the Babel cinemas.

19 Nov, 2018
Goya winner Abdelatif Hwidar presents a short film about micromachisms in Las Naves

16 Nov, 2018
Bea Martínez:

Head of production of the short film "Do you love me?"

15 Nov, 2018
Fishbone: The magic of Tabarca

13 Nov, 2018
'Parany', a series set during the republican period in Valencia

Produced by Rodolf Sirera and directed by Juan Luis Iborra.    

13 Nov, 2018
Goodbye to Toni Canet, the Valencian filmmaker who loved life

31 Oct, 2018
Carla Pereira, Jaime Maestro and the Prime the Animation festival! in Els Matins de la Rambleta

Valencian animation sits down to debate.

25 Oct, 2018
Valencian translator, Javier Pérez Alarcón, receives ATRAE Award for 'Best translation and adaptation for dubbing' for 'Handmaid’s Tale’'

20 Oct, 2018
Valencian art director, Abdón Alcañiz, dresses the set for “Money Heist”

18 Oct, 2018
Valencia is a permanent candidate to be a film set, says Jaume Bayarri

08 Oct, 2018
'El desentierro' the thriller directed by Nacho Ruipérez: Is the Valencian production that you will hear a lot about

This production by Ximo Pérez is filmed in Albufera and premieres on November 16th.

05 Oct, 2018
Abdón Alcañiz, the Valencian Art Director behind some Spanish series

After ‘Money Heist’ comes 'The Pier’    

28 Sep, 2018
Spanish female directors of photography create an association to encourage the industry to be "more inclusive, diverse and committed to parity/equality"

19 Sep, 2018
À Punt premieres 'La Vall', its first fiction series