Two Valencian short films shortlisted for the Goya Awards...

"9 Steps" by Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera, and "El Olvido" by Cristina Vaello and Xenia Gray.


'El desentierro', by Nacho Ruipérez, winner at the...

Wins six awards, including 'Best Picture' and 'Best Director.'


Valencia, a coveted film set for producers

30% of a film's budget is spent on locations.    


Marjal filming: why l'Albufera is the new favourite spot in...


Parts of Valencia seen in 'The Kingdom' (“El Reino”)

The Marina, the port or the Saler beach as well as its urban center.


Abdón Alcañiz, the Valencian Art Director behind some...

After ‘Money Heist’ comes 'The Pier’    


Cullera hosts filming of the new Movistar + series titled...

The series will premiere on October 16 at MIPCOM Cannes.


Pedro Almodóvar wraps up his new film, "Dolor y Gloria",...


Pedro Almodóvar visits Paterna in search of locations for...

The filmmaker, who will shoot 'Dolor y Gloria' with Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz next summer, visits the Moorish tower and the caves. The visit of Pedro Almodóvar this Friday to Paterna was a secret. He toured the town almost without being seen.


Hollywood once again looks at Sagunt, Gandia and Xàtiva as...

Location managers of large US productions praise possible Valencian filming locations.



12 Dec, 2018
Two Valencian short films shortlisted for the Goya Awards 2019

"9 Steps" by Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera, and "El Olvido" by Cristina Vaello and Xenia...

06 Dec, 2018
The golden opportunity for women filmmakers from Valencia goes a long way

The Atenea Program, promoted by IVC and Dona i Cinema, wants to offer the first professional...

03 Dec, 2018
Film Offices, in between the professional world and the Administration

Debate during Valencia Plaza's breakfast meeting.

30 Nov, 2018
Film Valencia shows the "light" in Valencian regions to experts in film production at Focus London

28 Nov, 2018
Icíar Bollaín returns to the Comunitat Valenciana to shoot a film produced by Turanga Films and the Valencian Lila Badenes

It will be filmed in Benicàssim with the support of the Institut Valencià de Cultura.

28 Nov, 2018
The documentary 'The barman to the stars' directed by Eva Vizcarra tells the story of the legendary Bar Chicote

Produced by Endora Producciones. It premieres at the Babel cinemas.

27 Nov, 2018
À Punt TV will broadcast the short films presented at the International Educational Film Festival (MICE)

26 Nov, 2018
In Development - Drama Producers Pitch launched by MIPTV and CANNESERIES

Call for entries opens Nov 26th and ends in Jan 11th 2019.

21 Nov, 2018
The great ambition of the Acadèmia Valenciana de l'Audiovisual

A new agent in the industry.

20 Nov, 2018
'Money Heist' wins the International Emmy for Best Drama

20 Nov, 2018
​Alex Montoya starts filming "Lucas"​ the adaptation of his most successful shortfilm

It will be shot in different locations ​in Valencia and La Albufera.

19 Nov, 2018
Goya winner Abdelatif Hwidar presents a short film about micromachisms in Las Naves

19 Nov, 2018
'El desentierro', by Nacho Ruipérez, winner at the Valencian Audiovisual Awards

Wins six awards, including 'Best Picture' and 'Best Director.'

19 Nov, 2018
The second edition of the fantastic film festival Maniatic is here

At the Germanias Auditorium in Manises.

18 Nov, 2018
Participate in the Spanish pavilion of the European Film Market during the next Berlinale

Deadline to register ends December 5th.    

16 Nov, 2018
Bea Martínez: "We are defending women as producers”

Head of production of the short film "Do you love me?"

15 Nov, 2018
"València is a very powerful setting" Nacho Ruipérez director of "El desentierro"

In the preview of his first feature at Lys Cinema.

15 Nov, 2018
Fishbone: The magic of Tabarca

13 Nov, 2018
Industry hopes that the first Valencian Audiovisual Awards serve as a springboard for the Goyas

13 Nov, 2018
'Parany', a series set during the republican period in Valencia

Produced by Rodolf Sirera and directed by Juan Luis Iborra.    

13 Nov, 2018
Goodbye to Toni Canet, the Valencian filmmaker who loved life

12 Nov, 2018
The filming of a German car commercial returns to Xàbia for the cape of Sant Antoni as its backdrop

12 Nov, 2018
La Cabina opens its 11th edition with 'Ignorance is Bliss'

At the Palau de la Música.

12 Nov, 2018
Filmmaker, Toni Canet will receive the first honorary prize at the Valencian Audiovisual Awards

12 Nov, 2018
Spain Film Commission and Profilm sign agreement to favor international shoots

11 Nov, 2018
Valencia, a coveted film set for producers

30% of a film's budget is spent on locations.    

11 Nov, 2018
Companies and patrons finance Valencian short films shortlisted for the Goyas

A third of the productions that made the first cut are local.

08 Nov, 2018
Call for Development of Audiovisual Content - Slate Funding EACEA 23/2018

Deadline: February 20, 2019

07 Nov, 2018
The filming of 'El silencio en el pantano' takes all Valencia

06 Nov, 2018
Filmoteca presents the 12th edition of the festival 'Curtmetratges per la Igualtat' (Shortfilms for Equality)

06 Nov, 2018
'El desentierro', 'Perfectos desconocidos' and 'Fishbone', the most nominated films at the Valencian Audiovisual Awards

05 Nov, 2018
The fourth edition of the Cinema Ciutadà Compromés Festival is here!

In València, Elx, Llíria, Monserrat, Carcaixent and Castelló.

03 Nov, 2018
Marjal filming: why l'Albufera is the new favourite spot in Spanish audiovisual shoots

02 Nov, 2018
International shootings in Spain: Spanish producers' POV

II Spanish Conference on Shooting and Screen Tourism.

02 Nov, 2018
'Almost Ghosts': pieces of Route 66 recovered for nostalgia

First work by the Valencian director Ana Ramón Rubio.

02 Nov, 2018
Puig attends the filming of 'El silencio del pantano' in a house on Calle Millars in Cabanyal

02 Nov, 2018
2nd edition of Filmarket Hub TV Pitchbox in Madrid for Spanish fiction series in development

Registration open until November 21.

01 Nov, 2018
The filming of a car commercial in Valencia moves to Burjassot

A German brand films all day in the streets of the town.

31 Oct, 2018
Carla Pereira, Jaime Maestro and the Prime the Animation festival! in Els Matins de la Rambleta

Valencian animation sits down to debate.

31 Oct, 2018
The international Cartoon Springboard event plans to land in Valencia in 2019

The event wants to celebrate its annual event in Valencia.

31 Oct, 2018
The Valencian Academy of Audiovisuals awards its Special Tribute Prize to the Valencian filmmaker Cecilia Bartolomé

31 Oct, 2018
The Mostra de València brings together 9,187 spectators after a six-year break

29 Oct, 2018
Kidscreen 2019: ICEX opens the call to travel to the children's content market

It will be held at the Miami Kidscreen Summit from 11 to 14 February.

27 Oct, 2018
The Alameda in Valencia becomes a commercial set

The City of Arts is the area where most tv commercials have been filmed.

26 Oct, 2018
A German car brand films a 'spot' on various streets in the city

26 Oct, 2018
The IV Call for Impulse Vision opens, the RTVE start-up accelerator dedicated to audiovisuals

26 Oct, 2018
Spain is moving towards a 30 percent tax incentive to attract shootings

During the Spanish conference on filming and screen tourism.

25 Oct, 2018
Clay Animation brings to life a character for the latest edition of 'Just Dance'

Valencia, at the height of digital leisure.

25 Oct, 2018
Valencian translator, Javier Pérez Alarcón, receives ATRAE Award for 'Best translation and adaptation for dubbing' for 'Handmaid’s Tale’'

23 Oct, 2018
Image gallery with scenes from the set of 'Vivir dos veces'

23 Oct, 2018
Inma Cuesta films María Ripoll’s latest road movie in Valencia

On the set of 'Vivir dos veces'.

23 Oct, 2018
Valencian film industry: myth or reality?

The documentary, 'Cinema and Utopia', premieres at the Mostra de València.

20 Oct, 2018
Valencian art director, Abdón Alcañiz, dresses the set for “Money Heist”

18 Oct, 2018
Visiting 'Fishbone' locations

"The island made it rain the day we needed rain"

18 Oct, 2018
La Mostra opens with 'M'esperaràs', Carles Alberola’s directorial debut

At the Palau de la Música.

18 Oct, 2018
Valencia is a permanent candidate to be a film set, says Jaume Bayarri

13 Oct, 2018
Parts of Valencia seen in 'The Kingdom' (“El Reino”)

The Marina, the port or the Saler beach as well as its urban center.

11 Oct, 2018
À Punt premieres TV series 'Parany', filmed in Valencia by director Juan Luis Iborra, at La Mostra de València

Sets include the train station, the Exhibition Palace or the Rialto Theatre.

10 Oct, 2018
Actors and chefs cook together at the Paterna Film Festival during a gastronomic event dedicated to 'Paella Today'

At the Paterna Film Festival.

10 Oct, 2018
Valencian projects in the special sessions at the 33rd Mostra de València

09 Oct, 2018
The 2nd Spanish Conference on Film Shooting and Tourism announces its program

During the Seminci in Valladolid.

08 Oct, 2018
The director of 'El Ministerio del Tiempo' starts shooting his first film in El Cabanyal, Campus dels Tarongers and Albufera

The Valencian company, Bestreta, is in charge of casting for extras. 

08 Oct, 2018
'El desentierro' the thriller directed by Nacho Ruipérez: Is the Valencian production that you will hear a lot about

This production by Ximo Pérez is filmed in Albufera and premieres on November 16th.

05 Oct, 2018
Abdón Alcañiz, the Valencian Art Director behind some Spanish series

After ‘Money Heist’ comes 'The Pier’    

05 Oct, 2018
The Ensanche in Valencia will be the set for filming of 'Vivir dos veces'

Directed by María Ripoll with Inma Cuesta in the lead.

05 Oct, 2018
Cullera hosts filming of the new Movistar + series titled ‘The Pier'

The series will premiere on October 16 at MIPCOM Cannes.

05 Oct, 2018
Televisión Española supports the animation industry with 9 new series and 4 continuities selected in the 2018 call for proposals

Among them 'El diario de Bita y Cora' by TV ON Producciones and 'Cry babies' by Hampa Studio.

02 Oct, 2018
"A lobster soup" the Valencian documentary by Suicafilms awarded with two prizes at San Sebastian


01 Oct, 2018
Kechiche, director of 'Blue is the warmest colour', receives tribute award Palmera d’Honor at the Mostra de Valencia

28 Sep, 2018
The production company from Xativa wins the Golden Dolphin in the promotional tourist videos section in Cannes

28 Sep, 2018
Spanish female directors of photography create an association to encourage the industry to be "more inclusive, diverse and committed to parity/equality"

28 Sep, 2018
The documentary 'Cabanyal Any Zero' directed by Frédérique Pressman begins its festival run in Spain at Alcances festival


28 Sep, 2018
'Miracle Tunes', the largest television production shot in Valencia, wraps up filming

27 Sep, 2018

Deadline: October 10th at the Valencian Audiovisual Academy

27 Sep, 2018
Seminci will host the II Spanish Conference on Filming and Cinema Tourism with Portugal as invited country

27 Sep, 2018
The Women Cinematographers' Collective presented at 66SSIFF

26 Sep, 2018
The Valencian animation studio La Tribu opens the Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn festival in Malta

25 Sep, 2018
The Movie Festival: discover how to get your tickets

In cinemas throughout Spain on October 1, 2 and 3

20 Sep, 2018
Mostra de València pays tribute to Greek scriptwriter, Efthimis Filippou, with its Palmera de Honor

20 Sep, 2018
From TVE to HBO: the audiovisual revolution is here to stay. Debate in Valencia.

19 Sep, 2018
Disney chooses Valencia for a preview film screening of 'Christopher Robin' at the 4th edition of the FICIV International Children's Film Festival of València

19 Sep, 2018
À Punt premieres 'La Vall', its first fiction series

18 Sep, 2018
Inside the filming of 'La Inocencia', a film about the stigmas that permeate women's bodies

16 Sep, 2018
Pedro Almodóvar wraps up his new film, "Dolor y Gloria", after 44 days shooting in Valencia and Paterna

15 Sep, 2018
Nacho Campillos and Cyan Rodríguez awarded for Best Shortfilm and Best Animation Music Video at the 2018 Latino Awards in Marbella

13 Sep, 2018
'Rock Bottom', the animated film about the pioneer of psychedelic music Robert Wyatt to be produced in Valencia

10 Sep, 2018
Emmy award for Valencian make-up artist Ana Lozano for her work with Penelope Cruz in 'The murder of Gianni Versace'

10 Sep, 2018
María Ripoll will cast over 600 extras in Valencia for her next film

07 Sep, 2018
Esther García, director at 'El Deseo' and Almodóvar's producer, is awarded the National Film Award

First woman producer to receive it.

04 Sep, 2018
Juanjo Moscardó and Suso Imbernón wrap up filming of 'Amor en polvo'

Produced by Kiko Martínez (NEP) and Juanjo Moscardó (Cosabona Films)

03 Sep, 2018
The 62nd edition of the London Film Festival selects 9 Spanish productions

28 Aug, 2018
Boke Bazán creates the new image for the Mostra de València

27 Aug, 2018
"EL REINO" selected at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Filmed in the city of Valencia and surrounding towns.

27 Aug, 2018
Spain is a huge film set that moviegoers love to visit

26 Aug, 2018
A Valencian webserie takes the leap to Amazon Prime

Produced in Valencia and surrounding areas in 2017.

25 Aug, 2018
​Film València, a tool for film producers that turns Valencian locations into industry

You can access Film València from three web domains:

25 Aug, 2018
The best webseries arrive at the fourth edition of l'Alfàs del Pi, Fidewà

 Ready to show the future of transmedia fiction.

23 Aug, 2018
How Female Filmmakers Are Changing Spanish Cinema (Link: Hollywood Reporter)

23 Aug, 2018
From Alicante to the HBO Latino Film Festival in New York

Itziar Martínez premieres Nereus, her first film as a producer and screenwriter.

23 Aug, 2018
The VAT 'war' on film entrance tickets

The case of Valencian cinemas.    

22 Aug, 2018
Manises, filming set for Miracle Tunes

Some scenes were filmed at the Ausiàs March High School

22 Aug, 2018
Josetxo Cerdán, new director of the Spanish Film Archive

The researcher, professor and director of festivals replaces Ana Gallego as head of the...

21 Aug, 2018
Guirao doesn’t rule out reducing VAT on cinema provided it doesn’t affect tickets sales

20 Aug, 2018
Lucía Alemany shoots her debut film 'La inocencia' in Traiguera

with a cast made up of  Laia Marull, Sergi López, Carmen Arrufat and Joel Bosqued

17 Aug, 2018
Elena López Riera turns Orihuela into an object of desire for international cinema

Best short film at the 72nd edition of the Locarno International Film Festival

13 Aug, 2018
Ramón Moya, construction manager for films such as 'Gladiator' or 'Pan’s Labyrinth' dies at 79

08 Aug, 2018
Querejeta, Berger, Martínez de Pisón, Giannini or Bernini among the teachers of the Barreira film masters and the CSC in Valencia

08 Aug, 2018
The new law includes numerous modifications for the Spanish film sector

03 Aug, 2018
The latest Japanese fiction is filmed in Valencia

Recorded mainly in the Feria de Valencia but also surrounding areas of Sagunto, Burjassot, Manises,...

02 Aug, 2018
Do you want to present your finished series or are you looking for international co-production?

If so, Content London is an essential meeting point for the audiovisual industry. Over 1,500 of the...

01 Aug, 2018
The Generalitat announces the IVAJ Webseries Award for young creators

30 Jul, 2018
Cinema Jove welcomes 9,000 spectators this year, 25% more than last year

26 Jul, 2018
Video presentation Film València launch event

26 Jul, 2018
The 'new' Mostra de València opens call for its Official Section and will award € 25,000 to the Palmera d'Or


24 Jul, 2018
Netflix establishes its first European production headquarters in Madrid

The company will occupy three soundproof sets of 1,200 m2 each in the Ciudad de la Tele de Tres...

24 Jul, 2018
Ernesto Alterio films 'A normal world' in Valencia

Filmmaker Achero Mañas is shooting exteriors in Llíria and Alcàsser....

23 Jul, 2018
The Valencia-Hollywood co-production 'Animal Crackers', among the five highest grossing films in China

The film 'Animal Crackers', a Valencia-Hollywood production co-directed by Jaime Maestro in 2017,...

22 Jul, 2018
Dénia Paradiso: a movie that changed history

Modernisation in Dénia began in the spring of 1958 at the hands of Samuel Bronston...

19 Jul, 2018
The Acadèmia Valenciana de l’Audiovisual is created as a support platform for the sector

Without pomp or ceremony but with a large presence of the media, this Thursday, at the Filmoteca...

18 Jul, 2018
'Amor en polvo' starts filming in Valencia, directed by Juanjo Moscardó Rius and Suso Imbernón

Produced by Nadie es Perfecto and Cosabona Films.

18 Jul, 2018
Director Achero Mañas chooses Alpuente for the set of his new movie

Local extras will be included in his new film 'A normal world'

17 Jul, 2018
Penélope Cruz revolutionizes Paterna

The actress, who is in Valencia since Sunday, is starring in the latest film by Pedro Almodovar....

16 Jul, 2018
Torrent, filming set for the movie Un mundo normal

The Auditori became a film set during the 4th and 5th of July.

13 Jul, 2018
The award-winning playwright Víctor Sánchez starts his career as a film director

The filming of his first short film takes place these days in the towns of Puerto de Sagunto and...

12 Jul, 2018
The world fair of the audiovisual sector will be held in Barcelona from 2021

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) fair, the leading show in the audiovisual sector and integrated...

10 Jul, 2018
The Paterna caves where Almodóvar will film 'Dolor y Gloria'

The director will set the Batan caves in the 60s to tell a story with Penelope Cruz and Antonio...

08 Jul, 2018
The Scuola Nazionale di Cinema opens its first headquarters outside of Italy in Valencia

The Italian public center teams up with the Barreira art and design school to train filmmakers,...

03 Jul, 2018
Sitges Pitchbox 2018 open call until August 29tht

The Sitges Pitchbox program presents seven fantastic fiction feature-length projects in a pitch...

03 Jul, 2018
Pablo Chiapella films a movie at Mercat Cabanyal

The crew filmed some scenes this morning with a market vendor.

29 Jun, 2018
The Polo brothers, winners of the Best Documentary of Art and Culture at the 29th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc

Guillermo and Javier Polo received the West Lake IDF Award for Best Arts, Culture & Heritage...

26 Jun, 2018
Film shoots flood Valencia

José Luis Berlanga, Achero Mañas, Juanjo Moscardó, Suso Imbernón and...

19 Jun, 2018
#Indestructible, the documentary of personal achievement of the musical promoter Quique Medina is presented in València

#Indestructible has been produced by TV ON Producciones (with the support of the Institut...

09 Jun, 2018
Cinema Jove Valencia: eight days of talent made cinema

Screenings, retrospectives and tributes feed from the 22nd to the 29th of June the festival's grid,...

31 May, 2018
Cinema Jove looks at Valencian fiction

The cultural event, which will be held from June 22 to 29, aims to exhibit "the best international...

05 May, 2018
Pedro Almodóvar visits Paterna in search of locations for his new movie

The filmmaker, who will shoot 'Dolor y Gloria' with Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz next...

26 Apr, 2018
Rosa Roig, new director of the Mostra de València

Eduardo Guillot, deputy director in charge of programming

06 Mar, 2018
Two eight years old children, Elena and Julia López Ferriol, win the competition 'Shooting a Stop Motion Short'

The Filmoteca, Saturday, March 3. Elena and Julia López Ferriol received on Saturday, March...

22 Feb, 2018
València presents its possibilities as a filming location at the European Film Market of the Berlinale

08 Feb, 2018
Roberto Bueso starts shooting his first film, 'Tornar a casa' in the city of Valencia, as well as in Albufera, El Saler, Alzira, Carcaixent and Algemesí

06 Feb, 2018
The film «Tornar a casa» starts filming in Carcaixent

More than 1,100 people have been interested to participate as extras. This morning began the...

11 Oct, 2017
Experts in film production and locations give the 1st "Xarxa Film Valencia" Conference

07 Oct, 2017
Hollywood once again looks at Sagunt, Gandia and Xàtiva as movie sets

Location managers of large US productions praise possible Valencian filming locations.