The Albufera Natural Park is one of the most representative and valuable coastal wetlands of the Valencian Community and the Mediterranean basin. With an area of 21,120 hectares, it is located just 10 km from Valencia and is easily accessible.

Throughout the year, the...



The City of Arts and Sciences, surprising for its architecture, has different exterior and interior  locations for all types of productions.

The relevant role of its architecture has been possible thanks to one of the greatest Spanish architects of international...



At one end of Sequial street, one of the town’s main streets you can see the Ateneo Sueco del Socorro, built in 1927, the most representative work of Valencian art deco and modernism in Sueca.
It is a 400m2 building of irregular polygonal plant and two heights (ground floor...



Blast Furnace N. 2 is the only surviving furnace among the three that operated at the peak of the Port de Sagunt steelworks activity. It’s a 64-metre high structure that was built in 1922 and rebuilt during the 1960s. Its interior is lined with refractory bricks. It’s a symbol not...



The Palau Ducal dels Borja is one of the most important historical buildings in the Valencian Community and one of the few remaining traces of the life of the well-known Borja family in Valencian territory. The 11 dukes of the well-known saga remodelled and adapted the house to their needs,...



A historical-artistic complex, it has a peculiar layout of winding streets, in Arab style, with ups and downs, stairs, squares, dead ends ... Fountains and flower pots dot the route, which can lead to any of the three hermitages of the old town, Sant Joan, Virgen de Agosto and Virgen de los...



The Buñol Castle is made up of two enclosures located on a rocky ridge between the Buñol river ditch and the Borrunes ravine, separated by artificial pits that are saved by stone bridges, defended by towers that function as doors. The first enclosure, called "North enclosure", is a...



The Ribera Warehouse is a modernist building used as a warehouse in the orange industry. Its construction dates back to 1903. It is an original eclectic work with modernist decorative elements, such as bricks, tiles and slabs. Its façade overlooks three streets since its plant adopts the curious...



The Sierra de Mariola was declared as Natural Park on January 8, 2002. With an extension of 16,000 hectares, it stands out for the abundant fountains, the numerous farmhouses and a large network of roads. One of the most important signs of identity are the cavas, constructions for the storage of...



Double fortress of almost 1 km long, strategically located over Xàtiva. Divided into Castell Menor and Castell Major. The successive cultures that have populated these lands have expanded and fortified teh castle. Despite its Iberian and Roman roots, most of the preserved walls and towers...

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LOCATIONSIndustrial port

Sagunto Port, Sagunt

Although the port of Sagunt is specialised in the traffic of steel products, it’s also characterised by its...

Jetty (Pantalán), Sagunt

The Sierra Menera Mining Company was responsible for this great engineering work. It was built to load iron ore...

Grau Vell, Sagunt

Grau Vell, in Port Sagunt, is a small village by the sea, made up of a main street flanked by about 36...

Port of Gandia, Gandia

The warehouses built in the first third of the 20th century form a harmonious group of vaulted naves, with the Clock...