The window to a wide variety of locations for film and photography shoots in Valencia


20 Feb, 2020 Seven films from Humans Fest 2020 that you can't miss


19 Feb, 2020 The 'Berlanga Year' helps the Valencian Parliament reach an agreement


14 Feb, 2020 Sant Antoni Cape in Xàbia, closed for the shooting of the new Movistar series Paraiso


13 Feb, 2020 The Goya Awards closer to Valencia

The Spanish and Portuguese Film Academies meet in Valencia.


10 Feb, 2020 From Star Wars to The Simpsons: translators raise their voices in Valencia


02 Feb, 2020 Klaus' wins Bafta with Valencian flavour


30 Jan, 2020 Humans Fest opens its selection to fiction and Valencian social cinema


24 Jan, 2020 Goya's hairstyles 'made in' Port de Sagunt

Valencian Amparo Sanchez won the Goya for Best Makeup and Hair Styling for ‘The Man Who...


19 Jan, 2020 Culture increases film funding for filming, distribution and exhibition


13 Jan, 2020 Requena hosts filming of the Movistar+ series "Paraíso"


07 Jan, 2020 Isabel Coixet opens the filming season in the Valencia Community


19 Dec, 2019 The Valencian Community presented at Focus in London as an ideal filming location


08 Dec, 2019 European Film Academy awards Valencian film ‘Buñuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles’

With the Valencian company Hampa Studio in co-production.


02 Dec, 2019 These are the Valencian nominees for the Goya Awards 2020

‘Pain and Glory', 'Buñuel in the labyrinth of turtles' and 'La...


28 Nov, 2019 Calparsoro's new film 'Hasta el cielo' wraps and will be premiered on August 28th

Produced by Vaca Films and filmed on locations in Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia.


27 Jan, 2020 Gonzalez Molina films the tv series "Paraíso" in Perelló, Sueca and Albufera

Picture of the director's Instagram account @fergmolina


26 Jan, 2020 Globomedia shoots part of the Movistar+ series "Paraiso" in the historical center of Requena

The Villa caves and underground passages were also used as a film location.


26 Jan, 2020 Abdón Alcañiz, Valencian art director of ‘Money heist', in 24 quotes


25 Jan, 2020 ‘Pain and Glory' triumphs at Spain’s Goya Awards already homes in on Valencia


19 Jan, 2020 Paterna recreates the filming of 'Dolor y gloria' in an exhibition


18 Jan, 2020 Movistar+ bets again on Valencia with the shooting of 'Paraíso’

Towns in Valencia and Alicante become the new Hawkings.


17 Jan, 2020 Albufera’s landscape and light return with the premiere of the second part of "The Pier"


20 Dec, 2019 Film València in Focus London 2019 to attract international shoots to València


18 Dec, 2019 The silence of the swamp': Valencia is a thriller

The film portrays postcards from the Albufera to the port.


08 Dec, 2019 Film tourism in Valencia: Over 500 people visit caves in Paterna where Pedro Almodóvar filmed 'Pain and Glory'